Last Call! Sale Ending Today!

Hi everyone,

Just a friendly reminder that today is the final day of my Grand Re-Opening sale at Pickleberrypop!

Be sure to grab everything on your wishlist – including my newest kit Woodland.

And don’t forget, today you’ll receive a free mini kit with a $5 purchase!

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Big News Coming Soon!

You may have noticed that I am no longer at Scrap Girls… that’s because I’ve got BIG news coming soon!

Until I can reveal….

MATS-Home Decor

I know I’ve been MIA this month and the truth is I needed some time off away from designing, well digital scrapbook designing anyway. Instead, I’ve been taking a couple of classes that I wanted to focus on. One of those classes is called MATS: Home Decor. MATS stands for Make Art That Sells and I’ve talked in the past about a previous class I had taken in the series. This one though focused strictly on the home decor market. Lilla Rogers and Margo Tantau are the teachers of this amazing class. Lilla is an art agent and Margo a senior creative director, both who have a ton of experience in this area.

The class is winding up this week and I have to say, I’ve learned so much. I’ve been able to push myself, challenge myself and try new things all while learning about a market I had never even considered before. I’m not sure where this journey will take me but I’m glad I took the class. I got to play with making new art and who knows where that will lead.

Each week we were challenged to design products for a different substrate in the market while being inspired by a trend board that we selected. Here are the results of what I created. (My trend board was all about farm life.)











And there’s my collection of products. Who knows maybe one day I will have a product in the home decor market. For now though, it’s nice to dream. 🙂


MATS Wall Art & Gift

I am still loving my MATS class and sad to see it coming to a close this week. If I can, I am definitely planning on taking MATS-B which focuses on five new markets!

In week four, we focused on the wall art market. I jumped in fully expecting this to be my easiest week. I mean, after all, this was my chance to create a mixed media art piece! It ended up being a bit more challenging than expected and I’m not sure I “love” the final piece, but here is what I came up with.


Finally, week 5 brought the gift market. This market is so exciting because almost anything goes! For this week we were to create art for a zipper pouch inspired by one of our personal collections. For my collection, I chose my art supplies! They are definitely something I’ve collected more and more of over the past year! Here is my finished piece which I have to say, I’d love to own the real thing!


We just have a few things to wrap up in class and then it’s over. I have to say and I said it before, this has been one of the best classes I have taken. I have learned so much and I’m excited to continue creating new art and to see where it may take me!

For The Love Of Fonts

I admit it. I am a font junkie. I don’t know what it is or where it came from, but I love fonts. And if you follow my designs, you know that I love to use different fonts all the time. I especially love script fonts, clean swoops, painty brushstrokes, handwriting… love them all! I thought I’d share a few of my recent favorite finds with you today. (Maybe you’re just as addicted as I am?)








Aren’t these fabulous fonts? I don’t own any of these… yet! But I want them. I can see some lovely word art with these! If you can’t resist, click on the images to be taken to their sale page at Creative Market. I also have a For The Love of Fonts Pinterest board if you’re interested in what other fonts I love!

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