Month: March 2017

New Pickle Barrel! Spring Dream


I don’t know about you, but here in Wisconsin it is beginning to feel like spring! Well, the sun is out and birds are singing and it’s a bit warmer so I’ll take it! In fact, the spring weather is what inspired me to create this new pickle barrel collection… Spring Dream!

First up is the Spring Dream: 6-Pack which is the entire collection plus a FREE pack of brushes for just $6!


You can, of course, also purchase the packs individually for just $1 each and here is a closer view of each:







And a close-up of the Spring Dream: Brushes you can get if you grab the 6-Pack:


Check out some fabulous layouts using this collection:

1915402_10212024292792488_3029740989613432019_n 17353366_10154904913730944_5434101892389943532_n 17353630_10212441273485646_387456343208143197_n 17361803_10155168330798804_4822633550249445384_n 17362452_10155079336007154_5429363206670524963_n 17362749_10212834505641417_5788905209363190108_n 17426152_10212353096126400_7298352801131462724_n 17426232_1419402524748516_7832571910229258378_n spring-dream-len-labre-Miss_zps17v9mh9m This-Moment z4Fh1mE

Check out the Spring Dream collection in my store right here and be sure to take advantage of these deals before they are gone on Friday!

Have a great day!

Live Laugh Love + Huge Sale!


Before I forget to mention it, you may have noticed that Pickleberrypop now releases new products on Tuesdays which is why I am coming to you early in the week. 😉 We also have something extra special going on this week…


We’re have a huge sale on nearly everything in the shop! Save 40% or more in my shop through March 17th! This includes a brand new release this week too. Introducing…

Live Laugh Love


Live Laugh Love can be used for so many different photos. Just check out what my team and the PBP team did with it:

17021969_10155139767038804_6150795050372563127_n 17201257_10212754065510464_2337480535009346800_n17103715_10210038545214042_1736750186513673718_n  17203001_10211946195920115_73658598659849302_n 17308804_10212288537192467_9009639364269024083_n17203168_1413572761998159_2677467157264150906_n  17309652_10212399320676852_3726285960258252317_n FFI9E5i fucci8 HSA-a-little-bit-arty-8-C image_5325 image_5326 J2K67hx MMyqbB1 vyOvIA8

Live Laugh Love is 40% off through Friday. Check it out right here and be sure to grab anything else on your wishlist! 🙂

Have a great day!

Only Us

I know, I know… it’s been a while! As some of you may know I am getting ready to move across the country in just a few months. I’ve been busy preparing for that (where did all this stuff come from???) and to be honest, I just haven’t been up to designing. Until now. I have a gorgeous new kit out this week that is perfect for so many layouts, but especially about those you love the most.

Only Us


Here are some beautiful layouts to inspire you from my team and the PBP team:

16939679_10212310236049792_3806666639463334274_n 16998084_10209919072987311_596534645526047565_n 17022038_10211874380084764_4264902743720053784_n 17098151_10155110991893804_6940495871070924148_n 17103382_10212206116251995_176280537199453970_n 17103802_10154862622775944_2515426695241402771_n 17155934_1406020412753394_2739792958415759461_n 17190749_1490862727604236_1797527174617399867_n aLOo0T4 dT3mdaL HeatherT-2017-03-Template-Mojo-jlabre-onlyus image_5283 meyAnyS PiQkBZI Wvbjlie XCrHNrM

Check out Only Us in my Pickleberrypop shop right here and grab it for 20% off for a limited time!