Month: January 2016

Jenny Prints 7

Hello! And thank you for coming to my blog 🙂

Today I have a brand new pack of Jenny Prints. I created these while designing my Windsong kit so they do coordinate. I love these prints and think they’d make some really pretty scrapbook pages!

Jenny Prints 7


These gorgeous papers are on sale for 20% off through Sunday and you can check them out right here.

Hope you have a great weekend!


I have really loved playing with watercolors lately and this week’s kit is a result of some of my doodled watercolors. Introducing…



This kit is so versatile and also reminds me a bit of spring, which I am wishing for here in the Midwest! Take a look at what my team and the PBP team did with this kit:

10157393_1074925119218421_5541528246776711085_n 12417658_10208471151395075_6701109442708082576_n 12439309_1139428576080988_7510295787493261948_n 12494802_10153738664820944_1969786268507709714_n 12509177_10153129584916685_8271439989285137408_n 12510456_10208814576865710_6393350638600319806_n 12523122_488497514671065_8590560651204101447_n 12572951_10206689887619695_43537511841891136_n Baby1.jpg~original image_2881 image_2886 image_2892 windsongb1ui8

Windsong is on sale for 20% off through Sunday. Check it out right here.

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Monkey Love

I’ve designed a brand new fabric for another Spoonflower contest. I mean, how could I resist a theme about monkeys? This week’s theme is the Year of The Monkey and here is what I came up with:


Wouldn’t this make a cute baby blanket? If you’d like to vote for my design in the contest, I would really appreciate it! You can vote right here under the Year of The Monkey. Thank you!

What The Heart Wants

Pickle Barrel is here! This month’s collection is all about those you love… What The Heart Wants.

Grab the What The Heart Wants: 6-Pack and get 6 products for just $6 plus you’ll get my brand new Jenny Prints pack for FREE!


And of course you can also buy individual packs for just $1 each!

What The Heart Wants: Elements


What The Heart Wants: Papers


What The Heart Wants: Journal Cards


What The Heart Wants: Stamps


What The Heart Wants: Flair


What The Heart Wants: Wordy Bits


Check out some fabulous inspiration from my team and the PBP team:

12360103_10206642873644375_8756840001104649185_n 12417831_10208756646057476_4317129791235352613_n 12494884_10153858148652884_5083943769490061059_n 12507207_10153727800020944_6821981814140399840_n 12509475_1134689419888237_8343184180459351772_n 12509603_10208418750125076_5256792602217874994_n 12509797_485214704999346_2351796649605227879_n 12523001_10154452465263102_7104540085751998634_n image_2821 what-the-heart-wants-J-labr_zpsk0dgxuqz

Isn’t Pickle Barrel the best deal in digiland? Check out the What The Heart Wants collection in my store right here and hurry, this promo ends Monday!

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